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Laptop Repairs


Are you frustrated with the way your laptop is running, slowly or other reasons and have no idea of who to trust to fix it properly. Fix it without costing the earth, or to do the work for a reasonable price and not be ripped off by unscrupulous computer repair people.


We are a trusted IT repair business with many years experience, all our staff work to a set price list and deliver repairs for that set price no matter how long it takes us to repair your device.


After a free diagnosis, we can advise on any course of action and advise you what would be the best option. We then give you an affordable price for your individual needs, it is then up to you if you wish to proceed or choose different options.


For example:- replacing a cracked/broken screen has a fixed price to fit it plus the cost of the replacement screen, you won't pay a penny extra.


Should your device prove too costly to repair we can advise on a range of second user devices or brand new depending on your individual budget, we will then recycle your old device for you for free.







Most computers can be repaired by a friend and would possibly continue to be fine, but it takes a skilled qualified technician to set them up so they dont start getting slower and slower until it drives you mad with frustration.


All the computers we build or repair are advised and designed deliberately to be future proof and can be upgraded by processor speed improvement, mechanical to SSD hard drive or memory upgrading.


Some computers are perfectly ok but just need a good service while others are just in need of a deep clean inside. We are professional and have the correct equipment to deal with every computer we receive for repair.


If your computer is at its maximum specification then there is always something that can be done via software manipulation or at the worse case to retire the device and let us recycle it in an enviromently friendly way.


OMG IT Works staff are trained to be friendly and polite and have a valuable service based customer support attributes. Should anyone not be able to answer your questions straight away then they will get a technician to contact you back as soon as possible.









consult on your IT needs and recommend an optimal solution

evaluate, select and supply the software and hardware best suited to your needs

install and set up hardware and software

configuring a system to meet your particular requirements

provide initial training and support for users of a new system

provide on-site trouble shooting

upgrading and possibly maintenance on an ongoing basis

hardware servicing

repairs and maintenance

system upgrades

system consultancy and design

on-site installations, set up and tuition

technical support and advice

netbooks and tablets



external drives

internal drives

memory sticks for laptop's, pc's


digital web cameras

other office machines




Please select which department you require from the list below.

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